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Hedera Art Interviews: Berkay Kilic

21 October 2021

For us, this is by far the most surprising NFT project we’ve seen until now on Hedera and the following interview did not disappoint at all. We reached out to the ARTIST, named Berkay after we bought 3, then another one, then another 4 of his art works on GoMint. His robots have no story, they are not in a limited quantity (this first series will end at some point, but nobody’s in a hurry) and they have no utility! So why did we bought them?


Because they are BEAUTIFUL and by all means, works of art. And everyone knew it, because they were selling like hotcakes. So, if there was demand without secondary markets, the tokens look nice, they are different from anything else on the market, you can interact with / move around the robots, and their supply is increasing at a constant pace, then they must be worth buying. At least they most certainly won’t go below the floor price… this was our reasoning.

However, the real surprise only now comes. Because the artist’s story makes up even more for the disadvantages mentioned earlier on. He’s only 19, trying to make a living by using his experience in Blender and Photoshop. He tried to sell before on, without success. He has found now opportunity in the Hedera ecosystem, where you don’t have to be famous for your talent to be recognized.


And, to be honest, we can all agree he’s living the dream right now. He’s already the bestselling artist on GoMint, and we are happy to put Berkay Kilic in the spotlight on Hedera Art, thus fulfilling the purpose of our existence: to “curate and highlight projects in the Hedera ecosystem, regardless of the marketplace”.


Hello! Nice to meet you! Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello! Nice to meet you too mate! Excited to be part of this conversation. I am Berkay, 19 years old and I study Computer Engineering. I have an imaginative brain… I guess this is one of my special talents, one of the features that makes my personality stand out.


Your work is very professional...

In my opinion, being professional depends on how people react the job that they wanted to do. I started this work with patience and love I can say that I am feeding my achievement now, that’s good.


Is this your first NFT project?

Actually my first NFT was on but it didn’t work that way, I should have found a NFT market with lower gas fee and that’s how I found the GoMint! Lower gas fee and small community to show what your ability. No matter how successful you are in, if you are not famous, they won’t see your talent and NFTs.


Why did you chose to mint your NFTs Hedera and not on other DLT?

One of the main reasons I chose Hedera is the lowest ever gas fee and environmental friendliness.


How did you decide to make NFTs?

I have Blender and Photoshop experiences, so I wanted to turn them into more opportunities.


Is there a story for these robots? Do they have any utility?

Since my childhood always been interested about robots and their capability and I had a dream of making robot. Looks like my dream comes true on virtual environment.


How did you react when you saw that you sold the first robot?

I was shocked when it was sold in less than 24 hours. This was my first selling experience, it's a great honor to me. People's interest is very good and they want me to release new robots all time when others sold out. At the same time making money is nice, but that sense of accomplishment is more important and more beautiful than anything else in the world. This feeling cant be bought anything.


Who did you tell about the success you have had so far and how they reacted?

Actually, I am not a person who tells everything to everyone, but since the NFT market is open to everyone, it would be difficult for my relatives to not see it. I told my parents and they said they were proud of me, I guess it's every one's dream.


How long does it take to make one?

Making a robot takes an average of 1-2 days, but turning ideas into visuals is one of the most crucial and hardest parts of this job.


What are your plans for the future? How long will this series continue?

I am 19 years old and my primary goal is to chart a beautiful path for my future, I am trying to do this with patience and enthusiasm. The robot series won't last forever, of course, but I guess we're slowly coming to the end of the first generation. Thats all I can say about it.


Did you keep any of these NFTs to resell on the secondary market when it will be available?

First generation robots and others that I release, I keep them all and do not plan to sell them until these robots retire me.


When will the next robot appear? Will you keep the same quantities and prices?

I am gonna publish StarWars Edition tonight. I will price by considering the supply-demand relationship, it is my duty to prepare NFTs according to everyone's budget. I will never compromise on quality. Unless it's a special series, you won't see in first generation 3x-4x in pricing (50hbar).


What can you tell us about the next series?

I will concentrate on first generation robots these days. I plan to do special series eg: "In memory of Neil Armstrong".


How is your collaboration with GoMint?

My collaboration with GoMint is pretty good. They congrats me everytime. I hope to have the opportunity to continue working with them and build some more experience.


What other NFT project(s) are you following right now in the Hedera ecosystem?

Just wanna say, all in Hedera!





Interview taken by Gabriel



Berkay Kılıç

  • Twitter

Computer engineer (20) with 2 years of Blender and Photoshop experience.

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